Calendar Designer Help

How to work with our calendar designer app to create personalized calendars.

It is fairly straightforward, but if you get stuck, you can find help here. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Click the + icon next to the item you need assistance with to open.

The calendar designer app is used on the following pages on the site:

Free 2016 Personalized Calendar

Free 2016 Personalized Calendar 2

Free 2017 Personalized Calendar

Free 2017 Personalized Calendar 2

More will be added soon, check here or under the Personalized Calendars menu at the top of any page.

Side Toolbar Overview

Use the items on this toolbar to add elements to the calendar designer. Each button and its usage will be described below.

Select Calendar Icon

The calendar designer opens with this tab selected. Click a month to open in the designer.


Add Photos, Clipart and Other Graphics

This tool lets you add photos, clipart and other graphics from your computer, Facebook or the internet to your calendar design.


Drag and drop any image to the box to load into the calendar designer. Click the Facebook icon to login and upload photos from your Facebook account.

Add Text to Your Calendar

To add text to your design, click the Add Text icon, click inside the Enter some text box then click the Add Text button.


The new text will be centered on the calendar designer screen where you can click and drag anywhere on the canvas.

How to Use the Design Gallery

Clicking the Design Gallery icon will open the available categories. Select and click a category, then click the graphic you want to add to the design.


Design Gallery Categories



Working With Layers in the Calendar Designer

Layers allow you to place elements behind or in front of other elements on the calendar designer.


Actions Toolbar Overview

Use these icons to save a completed calendar design, load a saved design, download your calendar in PNG, JPG or PDF format, print the design and preview the finished design.

This toolbar is located at top center of the calendar designer.


Detailed descriptions of each icon are in the tabs below.

How to Save Your Calendar Design

Click the Save icon to save your design for opening or editing later.

You will be prompted to enter a name for the file, then click the green save button.


You can then load the design using the Load button.






How to Load a Saved Calendar Design

Clicking the Load button will open the saved designs box. Click the thumbnail of the saved calendar you want opened and it will load in the calendar designer.

You can save as many designs as you want.


Clicking the X will delete saved calendar.

How to Download a Calendar to Your Computer

Click the download icon and then click the format you want. You can choose from JPG, PNG and PDF.


How to Print from the Calendar Designer

Clicking the Print button will open the print dialog box for your system. Below is the dialog box for Windows 10 using the Chrome browser.


Adjust settings as desired and click print.

After printing, you will get a dialog box to save your calendar if you haven’t already done so.


How to Preview Your Calendar Layout

Click the preview button to open a full page preview of your calendar design.


Click the Gray X in the top right hand corner to close preview screen.

Working With Text Elements

Clicking on any text element will open the text toolbar at the top of calendar designer. You will use this toolbar to change text color, font, position, size, align and rotate the text and more.